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My closet stared questioningly, empty for the first time since my U-Haul pulled up nine years ago. The vacuum spun dust bunnies into cotton candy. I double-checked for small animals, children, or immigrants hiding in there. Perhaps they heard the strange sound of the vacuum and snuck out while I was looking for the step ladder (another mysterious household item!)

After returning my clothes gently to the closet, from heaviest to lightest, darkest to whitest as recommended, I found so much room in there that I not only moved a dresser inside, I also hung up my yoga pants and sports bras! Why not?empty closetGoing through random, hidden boxes, I found the sparkling tiara from my wedding. I want to wear it EVERY DAY! With every outfit! So I vow to myself: Someday, everything in my closet will make me this ecstatic.

Running my hands lovingly over the soft and silky materials of the clothes left after the grand excavation, I’m excited to wear each item. So excited, in fact, I just may wear all the clothes tomorrow. All at once or many costume changes? Hmmm….