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We’ve just moved into the new moon cycle of Taurus.

First of all, the time of the new moon is when the moon is darkest in the sky. It initiates the beginning of a brand new cycle in our lives. This energy stays with us throughout the (almost) 30 days of the cycle and I lovingly call this a “moonth.”

Even though the moon moves out of the sign of Taurus and journeys the zodiac throughout the moonth, the energy of the new moon remains for us to work with powerfully throughout the cycle.

There are many ways to tap into the energy of the new moon and each person will experience each astrological sign differently, based on the exact moment of their birth, however there are also certain universal energies that we can all embrace.

This Taurus New Moonth is a great time to make wishes and initiate changes around:

- Financial abundance and establishing solid foundations
- Enhancing sensual pleasure
- Stepping into a deep sense of self-worth
- Embracing loving relationships where you feel valued
- Eradicating stagnant, slow energy
- Starting new routines for health in a loving way
- Mindful, sensual enjoyment of food & art
- Adopting lasting self-care practices, like massage
- Letting go of stubbornness and trying to see from another’s perspective
- Spending more time in nature connecting with the earth
- Enhancing perseverance toward a goal

“Little by little, one travels far.” - JRR Tolkien

The representation of Taurus is a bull, so this is a time of taking slow and steady steps toward your goals. This is not a time for sudden movements or abrupt change, but to ground yourself in this earthy energy by initiating routines and strategies that move you forward bit by bit. This stubborn energy is awesome for perseverance, but not so helpful for forcing yourself into things you don’t want to do.

In fact, Taurus is a sign of enjoyment, of taking things a bit more slowly and enjoying the finer things in life. Any sensual activities where you savor the moment, like eating an indulgent meal, getting a massage (or even having a spa day!), taking slow walks outside, and spending time appreciating art are all practices that may make you even happier than usual this moonth.

Taurus Tip: I’ve found that when this energy is strong (at least once a moonth and in this case, for the next 30ish days) I have difficulty forcing myself to do things I don’t really want to do. That stubborn bull digs in his hooves and lowers his horns menacingly. However, if I can find a creative way into the task that I do enjoy, then I can use the robust energy to help me keep going.

For instance, perhaps I didn’t feel like writing this blog. But I did feel drawn to creating a graphic for social media or the blog image. So I would allow myself to start with designing the graphic, while mulling over what I might like to say later. Once I’m in the general energy of the task (in this case, thinking about the blog while designing the graphic), then the next logical step is to write the blog. In this way, Taurus helps me plod forward. Does that make sense? (Note: This is simply an example. It may or may not have actually happened that way. 😉 )

Also true for me in the Taurus energy - if you are hoping to attract prosperity and loving relationships, that stubborn bull will show you what you need to work on first. Often, this has to do with feelings of self-worth (or lack.) This is a great time to stick those love notes to the mirror that gently tell yourself what you most need to hear, like “I am safe and supported.” “I love, respect, and honor myself.” or “I deserve love.” Yes, I have some similar hot pink post-its on my own mirror and I can tell you that it truly helps! And falling in love with yourself is just as fun as with someone else (and even more important!)

Ok ok, I think you’ll find this one helpful. It may or may not be an example from the aforementioned hot pink post-its.

“I love and respect myself and my needs, my choices, and my boundaries.”   - Laura J. Novak

I’d love to hear what you are working on in this Taurus New Moonth Cycle! What are your intentions, wishes, habits you’d like to change?

Did you know I have a free group on Facebook for women where we follow the moon as she moves through the zodiac? It’s a powerful practice in learning about your own energy and how to embrace the supportive power of the moon’s cycles. I look forward to continuing the conversation there - join me!