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Go Flake Yourself

You call me “flaky.” Well, Flake You. What you've labeled my “inability to commit to a path” is, in fact, a single-minded perseverance of integrity to the only path that matters- finding the true purpose of my soul. Julia Cameron has been my kindred spirit lately,...

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It's not easy being an empath. When you shine the light, the shadows also become visible. Do you have an 18 word story to share with me? My prompt was "drinking" if you'd like one. Or just write about anything- 18 words is challenge enough!

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What if I were to celebrate? I made space for my sweet self! I claimed an entire day just for me and my life's work and whatever I like. It's so quiet. It's even cloudy, which I love, especially when I'm writing. What do you like to do with your precious alone...

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