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Did you know that the night before the full moon is the best time to embrace all that gorgeous healing energy?

I’d love to offer you a beautiful but simple full moon practice that will help you step into your big dreams and release what’s holding you back.

The full moon can be such an ally for this, shining light on both what we want most and what we need to let go of. (And know that just being aware is enough. We don’t always have to take action right away.)

The night before the full moon:

Imagine what you would most like to contribute to the world if nothing at all were in your way. If you were not constrained by the 3D world (money, time, blocks of any kind), what would you love to do out in the world (or just for yourself?) What makes you happiest?

Feel into your heart and let yourself slip fully into the daydream. What does each day feel like? How are you showing up in the world? Where do you live? How do you spend your time? Who is there with you? How are you connecting with others? (Are you connecting with others?)

You may want to write it all down. This helps to bring it more firmly into “the real world” (or even simply to the forefront of your mind.) I also love to doodle pictures. (I am NOT an artist - they do not need to be shown to anyone else! It’s just for you!)

Then, I invite you to make another list: What is holding you back from pursuing this dream? What are your fears around achieving it? What must you let go of in order to go for it?

If it feels right, I would advise you to keep the dream either posted somewhere you can see every day or somewhere you can tuck away safely for future reference.

Then, take the list of everything holding you back from your dream and say,

“I am open to letting go of the fears and the blocks that keep me from pursuing my dreams and/or my purpose.”

And burn it (safely, please: Over a sink or toilet, in a stainless steel bowl a safe distance from you with an open window, or (probably best) in an outdoor bonfire!)

Most importantly, allow yourself to exhale deeply and truly imagine everything you wrote down disappearing from your life.

This can also help if you have unwelcome emotions bubbling up, like fear, doubt, or the desire to burn down the village like a dragon. Instead, write it all down and burn the list instead of the village. (I often notice that my ADHD gets more intense around this time, too.)

I also love to use essential oils at this time, like Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, or Cedarwood. Try diffusing Eucalyptus with Lavender and Cedarwood - it’s so purifying! Other favorites of mine at this time are Release & Forgiveness (Young Living blends.)

What are your favorite essential oils for the full moon (or releasing fears/detoxing)?

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