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I have discovered surprisingly hateful feelings toward most socks when I picked them up to see if they inspired joy.

According to the author, it’s likely because of the intolerant way I have balled them up in my drawer. They are to be folded gently so they can catch the occasional fresh breeze when the drawer opens. So, the majority are going to new homes where they will be happier. (I may regret this when Ohio seasons change.)

Found about 35 pairs of tights and pantyhose lurking, which I do not wear EVER. Some pretty murderous feelings towards those, too.

At least 2/3 of the closet is gone. I only felt JOY when holding lacy tank tops and summer dresses. Same with open vs. closed toed shoes. This will be an interesting winter.

But I do feel lighter!!! Now just to learn the proper way to fold the damn socks so they aren’t so upset with me…next section how to fold in a non-Abercrombie way.

Happy Socks :-)

These are Happy Socks 🙂

Obviously, I am breathless with excitement.

Tomorrow is books, which for me will be much more difficult. I only wear my clothes every day, but my books, MY BOOKS!

Not overly pleased to be doing this to myself right now, but this Marie Kondo is promising to change my life. So there’s that.