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Your business is your heart’s outpouring, your mission. This is not just a paycheck or “something to do;” this is an honoring of who you are at your core and what you are called to share with the world.

It’s your “baby” that wakes you up at night with original ideas, new ways to help usher the earth into a more enlightened era.

And with a message so critical, you want to ensure your words land just right.

Allow me to lend poise, power, and polish to your important message so you can reach your audience and ideal clients with deep connection and clarity.

Too often, the delivery of the message can fall flat because of a strong urgency to “just get it out there.” In this rush, important details can be missed, minor grammatical errors could annoy a potential client, or the authenticity of the message is lost in clichés.

On the other hand, no matter how lovingly or painstakingly we craft the perfect words, the longer and more winding our copy can get. As we fall in love with the words, we don’t want to “murder our darlings” and spend precious time agonizing over pages and pages of too much copy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra pair of eyes on your message that is so crucial to deliver impeccably?

Hello! My name is Laura and my superpowers are editing and proofreading. But I’m not a judgy, mean-spirited grammar purist with a red pen. I’m a fellow heart-centered entrepreneur, editor, author, and creator who can deeply and respectfully listen to your authentic tone and message, then polish it with more power and clarity - while staying attentively true to your voice.

My passion for learning allows me to fully immerse myself in your industry so I can authentically amplify your voice, your message, and your mission.

“Laura, Thank you for helping me create a bio that truly felt like my heart set to paper. I am still in awe of how beautifully it came together.”
-Lisa Morton, Certified Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Scare Your Soul Ambassador

I’ve been widely published, online and in print, but you probably haven’t heard of me because my job is to make my clients the thought leaders!

Not only do I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Education, I’ve spent my lifetime honing my craft as a writer and editor in a variety of spaces. In my corporate marketing career, I was responsible for writing all customer communications, press releases, and editing copy at a software company. The CEO rarely sent out an important communication, internal or external, without asking me to use my “eagle eye” to proofread it.

I have additional experience in:

- WordPress
- SEO seamless keyword integration & Yoast
- Ghostwriting for

I catch the tiny mistakes no one else notices.
It’s because of my great respect for language and the care I take to craft the wording for the maximum desired impact… without changing the writer’s authentic voice.

After my corporate career, I began my journey as an entrepreneur and freelancer, so my editing perspective also comes with solid business knowledge (including how to amp up SEO seamlessly) and extensive writing experience. I’ve edited everything from business copy to education manuals to novels for companies, entrepreneurs, and authors all over the world, so I have a versatile background to deeply understand the purpose of your copy and to elevate it.

As a writer, I’ve been published in a wide range of spaces from corporate blogs to (as a ghostwriter), Tiny Buddha, and Elephant Journal.



“As an artist, I really don’t trust anyone with my creative process. I’m so glad I asked you for your help, Laura. My bio is now magic and truly me. You captured me so well! I LOVE IT.”

-Catherine McManus, Photographic Artist

Lend me your words and you can rest easy knowing that your voice will be respected and held in the light of your mission and message, bringing it into pure authenticity and polished perfection.

“Laura was great to work with! Timely, with great edits and feedback. My book was made stronger, cleaner, and clearer by working with her. I highly, highly recommend her!”

- Dustin McKissen, Entrepreneur and Author of The Civil War at Home, The Poor and the Haunted, and My Name is Theodore Robert Bundy, and I am a Nixon Man (Short story featured in American Cult Anthology) Note: All edited by Laura

 “Laura, Thank you for your proofreading and editing assistance. Your ability to carefully and thoughtfully guide my daughter while still allowing her school application essays to be authentically her own voice helped her to get into every school she applied to! We are so grateful to have heard of your services. You are the best!”

-Katey C.

“Laura was everything I needed for this project and more. You can tell she cares about what she is doing and has a strong work ethic. I never had to worry about where she was in the edit thanks to her excellent communication efforts. Her positivity about the project showed as well in the way she conducted business and the effort she put in to my project. I am so lucky to have found her!”

-Miranda, Author

“She was absolutely amazing. I gave her all I had to get this job completed and she was able to find the vision and help put it into words! A fabulous wordsmith. You won’t find anyone better.”

-Amber Hayes, CEO of SecondKeys

“Proofreading and copy editing is Laura’s super power! She was an absolute delight to work with. We were excited to benefit from her wisdom.”

-Hollis Cameron, The Moxie Institute

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