Unicorns have always, always lived in the most special of places in my heart.

They are powerful, gentle creatures who are filled with love, innocence, and joy. They are freakin’ badass, too. Warriors. They will have your back, always, and rise victorious.You want a unicorn on your side when you have to go into battle. And you know, they’re magic.

A unicorn can wrap you up with so much love, like an angel, and make you aware of your own power. They have energy similar to archangels and they shine a bright, white light.

Unicorns are not fantasy, my friends. They do not have rainbows coming out of their asses, either, but they do like rainbows, just like everybody! Simply living in another realm, another dimension, they have been visiting this place more and more to protect us and to help the earth (and help us help the earth.)

Just like reaching out to the Angels and Archangels, you can also reach out to the unicorns. I like to light a white candle to represent their pure, joyful energy. It may take patience, quiet, and time. You may need to prove yourself worthy by showing up every day (this happened to me with the angels, too.) Connecting with the unicorns is another way to experience the love from our Divine Creator.

May the unicorns bless you with the gift of their peaceful presence and protection. Your heart has always known they are real, hasn’t it?

Happy National Unicorn Day!

A white unicorn doe and fawn spend their peaceful time together in the magical forest.


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