The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

I fell in love with the first paragraph of this book. I fell so hard that I read this one instead of the nonfiction book my book club picked. Sorry, friends! It was a crime of passion!

A word lover’s dream, the main character prescribes books from his floating book barge, The Literary Apothecary. He meets people and immediately can recognize the book that will illuminate whatever is needed to help them move forward in life. Yet, he can not move forward himself.

Then he takes a trip through Europe, mostly floating down the river on his book barge and finds some adventure, friendship, healing, and more. I still wonder how these characters are doing- they became dear to me! This is a book for book lovers and there are even prescriptions by the author in the back! <3

A favorite excerpt:

“I like words that sound like things they describe,” whispered Perdu. His eyes were closed. “Evening breeze. Night runner, Summer child. Defiance: I see a little girl in pretend armor, fighting off all the things she doesn’t want to be. Well behaved and thin and quiet- no way! Lady Defiance, a lone knight against the dark forces of reason.”

Buy it on Amazon: The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel

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