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The Super Blue Blood Moon is nearly here. This rare occurrence has not happened in about 150 years!

The term “blood moon” makes it sound intimidating and you may even be feeling this powerful full moon’s effects already – anxiousness, restlessness, raw emotions, irritability. Even teachers I know who are skeptical about the moon’s impact still comment that it “must be a full moon” when their entire class goes crazy.

This is a very special moon, but first I’d like to back up and explain why it can impact us so powerfully.

The human body can contain up to 75% water. Think about the effect of the moon on the ocean daily – have you ever seen high tide and low tide? If the moon’s impact on a body of water as huge as the ocean is so strong, does it not make sense that we would feel a pull in our human bodies? Also consider that the element most often associated with emotions is water. So it makes sense that we can feel more emotional in the days leading up to a full moon. Even the term “loony” originated from the word “lunar.”

Coming up on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 8:26 am over Cleveland, OH, we will experience a very unique full moon- the Super Blue Blood Moon in the sign of Leo, which is also a total lunar eclipse.

Let’s break this down.

First of all, the term “supermoon” describes when the moon’s orbit brings it closer to the earth, making it appear larger. You may have noticed that this also happened on January 1 of this year. When the moon is closer, it also amplifies the usual powerful effects of a full moon- some say anywhere from  3x-10x.

Blue Moon
A full moon is considered a “blue moon” when it is the second full moon occurring in the same calendar month. Since we experienced a full moon on January 1 of this year, the full moon on January 31 will be the second, thus a blue moon. It does not actually turn blue.
Note: This is only a blue moon in the Americas and other areas that have experienced the first full moon of the month already this January.

Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse
This verbiage can be scary, evoking werewolf and zombie apocalypse type images, especially with our emotions amped up like this. But the “blood moon” is simply named based on the results from the lunar eclipse. Though, in theory, this is a “blue moon,” blue light is filtered out during an eclipse, leaving only the red. So the blue moon will actually turn red (though at nearly 8:30 am there will probably be too much sunlight to see it. Boo.)

Eclipses also bring powerful change into our world and can open doors that we have been knocking – banging – leaning our tired heads and bloody fists upon – for years. This is an incredible time to let go of anything that is holding you back from your best life possible as we move more deeply into the new year. It’s also a perfect time to dream about the life you want. Forgive what has passed and move forward focusing on what you want more of, not what you don’t want. What you spend your energy thinking about grows, so make it count!

This is also a wonderful, powerful second chance to release anything from 2017 that is still lingering. You can make a list of everything you are sick of and burn it symbolically (and safely, of course.)

Moon in Leo
I have found that as the moon moves through each astrological sign, it can bring up issues to be resolved that correspond to that sign. The full moon is a time to release. It amplifies and brings to the fore emotions and behaviors that need to be healed.

Leo traits that may come up for you could be pride, showing off, and ego-centric behavior. The element of fire is also a hallmark of Leo. Confrontations could become inflamed. Both parties can feel more angry than usual and it would be more likely for things to get out of control. It may be wise to save those difficult conversations for a bit and perhaps journal about the wild emotions instead, planning how you can best handle the conversation in the future, with love.

Ways to channel all that fiery, emotional energy could be through vigorous exercise, creative endeavors like painting or writing, working hard (and playing hard). Use the extra boost of confidence to step into a position of leadership or apply for a promotion. Leos love to have fun and be the center of attention, so this is a great time to throw a party and have some fun. Dress up and take pride in your appearance. You look even better with that Leo glow. Rock it.

Most importantly, this is an important time to take extra-good care of your sweet self. Eat nutritiously, exercise, get outside if you can, journal, take a bath with essential oils and Epsom salts – whatever it is that helps you feel nourished and most like YOU. And don’t forget to breathe.


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**Disclaimer: I am not an astronomer nor astrologer. I just really love to learn about the moon and have found that knowing what astrological sign and element the moon happens to be moving through can help me better understand my own emotions. It even helps me plan the upcoming week by knowing what strengths and weaknesses I will likely face. If you would like to follow the moon with me and learn how it impacts you personally, please join my free and fabulous Light Your Moonth group on Facebook.


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