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May! Spring!

I awoke with excitement, the intimation of bright new beginnings.

I’ve always said it, I’ve always known it, but this morning it sang from my very bones that each day we start anew, every day that we wake up and breathe is completely our own!

And a new month!

No matter what mistakes I’ve made in the past, no matter what I ate yesterday, no matter what laid undone or unsaid, today is wiped clean.

I am new.

I can choose to be even more me, to make choices that bring me closer to my purpose and my happiness.

Today is a brand new book.

Whenever I even just carry around a new book, I hear the whisperings of the new me upgraded by the lessons inside. I hear the teacher who wrote it speaking their wisdom.

There is so much to learn, so much to live, so much to create!


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