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Welcome, Dear Heart.

I am honored you are exploring here, where you will find my heart’s outpourings. My creations are lovingly designed to help conscious, empathic mystical misfits along the sometimes daunting, often messy, always interesting journey!


My hope is that these resources will help you:


Connect with your divine self and radiate who you really are from the inside out, unapologetically expressing your truth,

Manifest your deepest desires and step into the extraordinary life you’ve imagined,

Rediscover, heal, and integrate your glorious whole self, and

Embrace stability despite change, building a home within your sweet self.

Light Your Chakras 

You are a beautiful enigma.

But what if you had a treasure map to the most incredible treasure imaginable… your glorious, nuanced, many splendored self?

That map is the chakra system, my friend. This is the path to your very self.

This is a very approachable introductory course, which I lovingly refer to as “Chakra 101.” 

Mystical Mission Academy for Empaths

8 weeks to connect body and spirit, remember and radiate who you are at your core, end empath overload, and unite with your spiritual guides… while also connecting with a tribe of like-hearted, kindred travel companions.

Mystical Misfit’s Survival Guide to Life on Earth

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Learn how to tap into universal natural cycles to manifest and thrive. Here, you can shift into powerfully managing, claiming, and choosing your own energetic space.

Tap in daily to your inner reservoirs of power, healing, and creative abilities, feeling grounded and in flow with natural universal and earthly cycles.

Learn where the moon is in your sky each day and how it affects you personally, along with moon phases, the elements, nature’s cycles, and their impact on your life.

“Laura’s knowledge and teachings of the Chakras have been a key turning point to my spiritual journey. Her Light Your Chakra’s course is a constant resource I turn to. She is an inspiration and total joy to listen and I am grateful to have found her.”


“My experiences with Laura J Novak have been fantastic! Her knowledge is spot on and she always has suggestions. She always gives genuine care to each session we have. Laura’s overall happiness is so refreshing and contagious!”


“Laura is truly a caring and gifted healer. She makes you feel comfortable right from the start. Her gentle guiding through the Chakra layers allowed me to expand my own wisdom in a safe and comfortable way. She provided practical and specific self-care tools and suggestions to help with the deeper exploration of my individual chakra needs. Her passion and knowledge of aromatherapy is inspiring and by the end of each session you are left feeling well taken care of.”

- Jennifer

“With a caring and professional manner, Laura provides a safe and supportive environment for her energy work. Her knowledge and passion in this field are evident. As I was in a difficult place in my life, Laura took care to work sensitively and supportively with me. I felt safely guided on my healing journey.

Each session left me with the insight and clarity that I needed to view things from a fresh perspective as well as a sense of cleansed and renewed energy. I highly recommend Laura to anyone wishing to listen to their bodies and embark on their own healing journey.”


“I really enjoyed my healing session with Laura. Even though it was done virtually, I felt as though she was right there with me. I felt like the session was really personalized to my feelings and goals and it also went at my pace. We specifically focused on cord cutting during my session which brought me an overall feeling of relief. Laura has such a warm and caring energy and I look forward to my next healing session with her.

Now, I have a sense of power and strength back that had been gone for months.”

- Lisa


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