Goodbye Pretend

This is how you’ll know who the pretenders are. When they catch a moment of your humanity And turn their back on your friendship- How dare you be angry, irritable, breathe fire, be less than perfect. They build a wall between you And adjust their mask. That’s when you...

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Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018

The Super Blue Blood Moon is nearly here. This rare occurrence has not happened in about 150 years! The term “blood moon” makes it sound intimidating and you may even be feeling this powerful full moon’s effects already – anxiousness, restlessness, raw emotions,...

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What if I were to celebrate? I made space for my sweet self! I claimed an entire day just for me and my life's work and whatever I like. It's so quiet. It's even cloudy, which I love, especially when I'm writing. What do you like to do with your precious alone...

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Like a bird set free

You know when a song can have the power to knock the breath out of you at the right time?
I have always found solace in music, since angsty teenager to deeply feeling woman.
Art has a way of digging into the core of the heart, to that place that not so secretly wants someone to hear and gently mend the silent screams.

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How to be a Goddess on a Budget at Whole Foods

“Oh my damn! That moment at Whole Foods when the cashier says the total. And you imagine yourself making a break for it, just sprinting and never looking back.” Has this happened to you before? When I posted this on Facebook several months ago, my friends responded...

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Unicorn Love

Unicorns have always, always lived in the most special of places in my heart. They are powerful, gentle creatures who are filled with love, innocence, and joy. They are freakin' badass, too. Warriors. They will have your back, always, and rise victorious.You want a...

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Stepping Out

She stands before the precipice Open sky, colored in promise She has fought for this moment She has learned through pain, Through failure, heartache, Sweet compassion grew, Grace and understanding She has held and examined Her own beating heart And it is strong. Ears...

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Shredding the Past (Tidying 3)

The paper part very nearly took me down. Going through nine years of forgotten papers, nine years of a life in a rather stuck place…I spent over a week in paper purgatory, ignoring emails and life, swallowed whole by my not yet tidy house. Singing & Shredding &...

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The Books? Not the Books! (Tidying 2)

Letting Books Go? Why would the English major do that? Surprising, however, was how many books I was glad to send on their merry way, to another voracious reader who could make more magic with them. For instance, Anna Karenina and War and Peace had been waiting...

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Small Kittens Rescued from Closet

My closet stared questioningly, empty for the first time since my U-Haul pulled up nine years ago. The vacuum spun dust bunnies into cotton candy. I double-checked for small animals, children, or immigrants hiding in there. Perhaps they heard the strange sound of the...

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A diatribe on socks (more tidying)

I have discovered surprisingly hateful feelings towards most socks when I picked them up to see if they inspired joy. According to the author, it's likely because of the intolerant way I have balled them up in my drawer. They are to be folded gently so they can catch...

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Show me the tidying magic!

“The state of your house is a reflection of how you feel about yourself,” she said to me. First horror, then denial. Embarrassment, shame, another full year of denial. Cleaning has been such anathema to me that my quest to find the power button on the vacuum cleaner...

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Laura J. Novak is a writer, blogger, voracious reader, and dreamer. She is the author of Giggling with the Geese, a children’s book now available on Amazon.

Laura holds a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. She believes that we all have the power to live our dreams, welcoming creativity into our daily lives by focusing on the miracles in each moment.



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