You may want to read all three in the trilogy! This is the book that we have:

Arrows of the Queen (The Heralds of Valdemar Book 1) by Mercedes Lackey

Oh, the land of Valdemar! Honor and kindness, deep, loving camaraderie, and best of all - special, magical horses called Companions, who choose and are bonded to their Herald for life. Companions and Heralds alike are badass warriors for the queen.

Talia’s life changes suddenly at the tender age of 13 when she announces that her dream is to be a Herald and she is promptly disowned from her repressed, punishing family. She is rescued by Rolan, a horse unlike any she has ever seen, who takes her to the Queen and the Collegium. She immediately begins training not only to be a Herald, but to be the Queen’s Own, one of the most important and respected posts in the entire kingdom.

Talia learns how to fight and with the immortal Rolan’s magical assistance, she also learns how to embrace her gifts of empathy and telepathy.

At one point, the Heralds have a party so full of warmth and fun that I was nearly crying happy tears to “be there.” The author immediately scoops the reader into a new world of adventure, with dear friends who are kind, understanding, and chivalrous.

“Words and love together can more often achieve what magic cannot.” - Mercedes Lackey

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