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Let’s have some fun, my friends!

A beautiful poetess that I admire made my day by tagging me to participate in an exciting creative challenge on social media.

I was contemplating this challenge, how to compose a story in 14 words, when I happened upon an ant attack in my kitchen. I’m usually very gentle with bugs, no matter how big or scary (because my hunky husband will always scoop it up and carry it out for me, so I don’t need to be concerned by the size.)

In fifth grade, I even had a super zen experience during a writing exercise outside, when I let an ant crawl up my leg and acknowledged that we were ONE. My friend Cara still talks about the experience to this day because I was never so great with bugs as a kid and I’ve always been a bit…dramatic about it.

So these ants were swarming, and my sweetheart Fritzie kitty was afraid to eat his food. So my Kitty Momma energy swelled and I had to commit ant murder. So please forgive the gruesome depiction in my 14 words (above.) Perspective. The hero to my kitty cat, but the ants…not so much.

Anywaysies, I loved the challenge so much that I wanted to invite you to play with me! And Im also sharing the amazing collaborative energy of two friends who had me jumping up and down and clapping so you can see how different and creative these can be:

By Carissa Moon, delightful person, artist, and creative genius (Yes, Carissa, I noticed the creativity oozing out of you making me smile whenever you’re around!):

“Dragons do dwell on
but not in
Inside our hearts
Breathing Fire
-C. Moon

I’ve been thinking about the Dragon Fire Bravery all day. Yes!

And the gorgeous soul who started it all; a poetess who puts herself out there every day and lets the beauty of her soul soak the page with eloquence and love, Renee Kogler:

Renee poemYou can follow Renee on Instagram -don’t miss her heartfelt musings: r.k._poetry

Thank you Carissa and Renee for allowing me to share your fabulous words and for playing this game with me. SO. MUCH. FUN.


Please comment with your 14 word story. There are not many rules. It does not need to rhyme. It  does not need to be on any particular topic. It can be funny or sweet or deep or whatever you like. Only rule- 14 words are all you get! It’s harder (and even more fun) than it sounds.

Let’s Play!

Can’t wait to see your 14 word stories!

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